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TheTR825 remote control multi-task skid steer loader changes how activities are undertaken in hazardous and high risk work environments and is an invaluable asset for those practicing effective Risk Management.


The TR825 provides an ergonomic, safer,more efficient working alternative and the system is equipped with advanced safety features such as unique ID codes, redundancy control and automatic emergency stop.


Investing in the Kanga Remote Loader will minimize the need for performing dangerous and manual tasks, which will immediately reduce labour fatigue and stress on joints. The TR825 will reduce LTI’s (Lost Time Injuries) that currently cost on average of $200,000 per incident.


At Kanga we make it our business to understand yours. We realize that your business is driven by return on investment and utilization.


  • Do you want to prevent costly unplanned shutdowns of broken conveyor belt drives?- Are you concerned for your staff being exposed to hazardous environments?


  • Are you interested in reducing lost time injuries?


  • Are you looking for a solution that provides you with an exceptional return on investment?


  • Are you looking for a product that will give you versatility and allow you to multi-task?


If you answered yes to any of the above, the Kanga TR825 Remote Controlled Loader has a proven return on investment and can remove material up to 10 times faster than a labourer and eliminates the need for expensive shutdowns.

Kanga Remote Control TR825

  • Engine Model: Kubota D902 – Teir 4 Complient

    Power: 18.5kW

    Lift Capacity: 300kg / 660lbs

    Operating Weight: 947kg / 2084lbs

    Operating Weight with HD 4in1 Bucket: 1190kg/2618lbs

    Bucket Max Rollback: 38°

    Overall Height: 1,010mm / 40″

    Overall Length W Bucket: 2,300mm / 91″

    Drive/Operating System: Radio Remote Control

    Gear Pump Displacement: 12.5 cc-rev / 0.76

    Pump Output: 40.7 L/min / 11.9 US gal/min

    System Pressure: 220 bar / 3200 psi

    Wheel Rim Size: 10 inch

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