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The 8-Series DW825 diesel driven mini skid steer loader offers an edge in power, speed, durability, ease of use, economy and safety.  The 8 Series DW825 has increased lift capacity and longer reach and is best suited for hard working attachments and tough site conditions.

Kanga 8 Series Wheel Mini Loader

  • Loader Model: DW825

    Engine Model: Kubota D902 Diesel

    Power: 25 HP

    Lift Capacity: 340kg

    Fuel Capacity: 43L

    Operating Weight: 1016kg

    Bucket Max Rollback: 41°

    Maximum Operating Height: 2565mm

    Ground Clearance: 194mm

    Cooling: Water Cooled

    Travel Speed: 7-9.3km/h

    System Pressure: 220BAR

    Width: 1046mm

    Product Warranty: 1000Hrs/2Yrs

    Engine Warranty: 2 Yrs

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