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Farm and Garden Products Rockhampton


 HD 9/25 Ge petrol pressure washer has a max power of 275 bar (3988 psi) pressure, providing the best cleaning results at all times. The petrol-driven cold water high-pressure cleaner is fitted with a Honda IGX petrol engine, allowing total independence from external power sources. Electric start means that your machine is always ready to be used and thanks to gearbox reduction, the crankshaft piston pump provides a reliably high water flow of 15 litres per minute. The easy storage option of the trigger gun and spray lance, as well as the 10 metre high pressure hose on the body of the machine are practical and easy to use. The HD 9/25 Ge machine is designed for use under the toughest conditions, with an extremely robust basic frame, and is mobile thanks to the pneumatic wheels and an ergonomic frame concept.

High Pressure Washer HD 9.25 Ge

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