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Farm and Garden Products Rockhampton


The Agrofarm C Series are the multi-purpose 4WD tractor, which has the proverbial reliability and performance qualities of DEUTZ-FAHR and combines advanced features, exceptional manoeuvrability, simplified maintenance and low operating costs.


Robust and with an essential line, it represents the perfect compromise for farmers and agricultural companies looking to maximise efficiency with a versatile, easy to use and maintain tractor which you can demand much of in any working conditions.


The Agrofarm is equipped with the tried and tested SDF 1000.4 4 cylinder, 4000 cc turbocharged engine, with independent high pressure injector pumps delivering superb fuel efficiency.


This engine is specifically designed to withstand the most demanding use and work in all conditions and on any terrain with excellent performance, great reliability and reduced fuel consumption. 


To maintain high performance, a longer life and always the pace best suited to every job, the Agrofarm C adopts a fully synchronised gearbox and shuttle.


The standard gearbox is a 40 km/h version with 20 forward and 20 revers gears including a creep range.


To work in safety and be able to tackle even the most demanding jobs, the Agrofarm C adopts front and rear differential lock and hydrostatic wet disc brakes on 4 wheels.

Deutz Fahr Agrofarm C ROPS Series

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