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The Auto Shifting Tractor 

The agricultural industry is highly diverse. Each enterprise has its own success strategy. Some go for size, others for specialisation. In milk production, in livestock, or in arable farming.


Others adopt a mixed approach in accordance with soil and climate conditions, as well as market opportunities. Whether it’s a large, medium or small enterprise, a contractor or a local authority, however diverse the profile, they all have one thing in common: they need to be successful.


Accordingly, tractor technology needs to match an operator’s working profile. Ploughing, sowing, cultivating, transporting, harvesting crops, front loader work; each individual professional will decide how the tractor will be utilised, along with which specific features are required. DEUTZ-FAHR developed the new 6 Series to meet all of these requirements.


Ranging from 171 to 226 hp, six-cylinder engines, ZF RCShift auto transmissions and comfortable MaxiVision cabins, the 6 Series assembles the best technology mix in this tractor class.

Deutz Fahr 6215RC

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