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Farm and Garden Products Rockhampton


The Bobcat E50 Mini Excavator (also known as compact excavator) is a real standout in the 4-to-5-ton size class! With zero tail swing, it can happily work in confined areas without sacrificing digging performance. Equipped with cab and bucket, it has an operating weight of 4.9t and a maximum digging depth of 3.52m.


The E50 is also available with a long arm option that maximizes dig depth, reach and dump height clearance. Angle blade and clamp options are also available.


The fingertip controlled boom offset offers the double benefit of improved controllability of the boom swing function, while also creating more floor space for the operator.

Bobcat E50

  • Operating Weight: 4,905kg

    Tail Swing Type: Zero tail swing

    Horsepower: 35.4kW (47.5hp)

    Width: 1,960mm (77.2")

    Bucket Digging Force: 42,000N

    Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 5.9m (19.5')

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